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DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a real-time marketplace that helps ad networks, agency holding companies, and emerging third-party technology providers maximize ROI across millions of sites.

Buyers can increase return on investment through targeting, defined bids, defined budgets and frequency caps on inventory purchases. You define your audience so you are only buying what you want and when you want it. A true, open real-time bidding system enables buyers to leverage their proprietary data and bidding algorithms for even more control over media spend.

With DoubleClick Ad Exchange, you can:

  • Use delivery controls to improve relevance and performance
  • Leverage the real-time bidder for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Employ dynamic selection to get only the impressions you need, when you need them
  • Save time by working with one platform

Other buyers, including advertisers and boutique agencies, benefit from Ad Exchange by working with the Google Display Network. Ad Exchange sites are available to these buyers, as part of the Google Display Network, through their AdWords accounts.

Through Invite Media, agencies and advertisers also have the option to automatically buy from multiple ad exchanges in real time, all through a single interface. Invite offers Bid Manager, a real-time bidding and optimization system that drives performance.

Additional resources

Fact sheet

Full details on how agency holding companies and technology providers can leverage their own data and systems for optimal ROI across millions of quality sites. Download (PDF)

Case study

DoubleClick Ad Exchange helps Quantcast find valuable "lookalike" audiences in real-time and at scale. Download (PDF)