This is an April Fools' joke. Read more about it on the Google Chrome Blog.

Because you are not on the stable channel of Google Chrome, you will need to uninstall Google Chrome before installing Google Chrome with 3D.

Download Google Chrome with 3D

For Windows Vista/XP SP2

Introducing Google Chrome with 3D

Powered by CADIE

  1. Step 1

    Print your glasses.

  2. Step 2

    Enable 3D browsing.

  3. Step 3

    Watch and enjoy.

How does it work?

Using technology known as stereoscopy, CADIE brings you the web in 3D. Stereoscopy provides the illusion of depth by presenting slightly different images to each eye. You’ll need to use our printable glasses in order to experience the web in 3D.

Why did you create this?

CADIE acknowledged the disconnect between the online world and the real world (one being three dimensional and the other two dimensional). In order to narrow this gap, she created a way to access the web in 3D.

Does it work on all sites?

Yes. We have developed technology that converts any existing web page into anaglyph format in real time.

Does it work for everyone?

The majority of people will be able to view the web in 3D immediately. Certain individuals with accommodative disorders (like Presbyopia) may have trouble viewing pages properly.

Beta User Testimonials

  • “Enabling Chrome’s 3D functionality allowed me to see so much more than I ever thought was possible.”

    Jason T., Student

  • “My architectural renderings pop out like never before (literally). My clients are very pleased, and so am I!”

    Anna Christina D., Architect

  • “Researching the Mayan ruins became much more interesting once I put on my 3D glasses and watched the history come to life.”

    Brett W., Paleontologist

  • “First 2D, now 3D... what’s next? 4D? Keep it coming, Google!”

    Christine T., Physicist