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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1190810 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum11. Juli 1916
Eingetragen26. Mai 1915
Prioritätsdatum26. Mai 1915
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1190810 A, US 1190810A, US-A-1190810, US1190810 A, US1190810A
ErfinderRobert Burket Swift Jr
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterRobert Burket Swift Jr
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One-piece pajamas.
US 1190810 A
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1 1 y 1 Hu J m t H e t nu D1 uncomfortable for a given person and overcome tension in 150 rasse a rrr ROBERT JBURKE'I. SW IFT, J'It., 01E CINCINNATI, Oil-I10.

one-risen raa'aivras;

Specification of Letters fatent. I Pajm j d July 9 Application filed May as, 1915. seriai No. 30,536.

and trade generally have found it necessary to provide difi 'erent trunk lengths for the same chest measurement. -That is to say,

two persons having the same chest measurement may be of different height and hence of different trunk lengths. Unless --provi-' sion' is made in a union suit for different trunk lengths inthe same chest measurement of the garment, the garment of a given chest measurement may prove very unless his trunklength happens to be that of the garment purchased by jamas are subject to the same rule. as union undergarments in this respect. j v The object of my invention isthe provision of an improved one-piece pajama wherein provision will be made for relative yielding of the connected trousers and coat or jacket comprising the pajama so that even if the trunk length of the wearer exceeds that normally allowed for in the particular pajama, there will be no uncomfortable binding in the crotch of the garment and, further, all body in stooping or assuming a sitting posture will be provided for without incurring discomfort on the part of the wearer.

My invention consists of a one-piece pajama whereinthe trousers and jacket are connected by a band of knitted elastic fabric sewed thereto and affording, all the way around the garment, an elastic or' yielding connection interposed between the jacket and trousers which is adapted to relieve the crotch of the The knitted elastic fabric connectio' is secured to the upper edge of the trousers and to the jacket in the form of a bolt. The jacket depends below the point of connection between the trousers and the jacket and covers the seat portion of the trousers. The trousers have a closed crotch trousers.

B. SWIFT, .nf,

him. One-piece pathe movements of the preferably and any suitable seat flap whether of the semi-drop seat, full-drop seat, or other seat flap construction, such" as may be necessary toafford the requisite seat opening, when desired, but the depending jacket covers theseat and pjlete garment a neat and ressy appearance' it do not limit myself to any' part cular seat opening or flap construction.

1 By the provision of the knitted elastic connection between thev trousers andthe acket, the vmanufacturer and retailer do not have to provide a number of different trunk lengths'in a pajama portion of the saying in the stock manufactured and carwe My-invention is not to be confused with those combination outer garments Where the jacket and trousers are connected by rubber or rubber fabric as my elastic band which joins the jacket and trousers is constructed solely of knitted elastic cloth or fabric having no rubber in its composition or make up and relying for its elasticity solely on the fact that it is a knitted band which, also, permits the garment to be laundried as frequently as desired without impairing the elasticity of the band or the appearance of the pajama.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure 1 is a front elevation, the garment being closed; Fig. 2, a similar View, the garment being open; Fig. 3, arear view, with the tail of the coat or;jacket raised to show one form of seat opening and closure which may be used; Fig. 4, a detail view showing the front of the pajama when unbuttoned; and Fig. 5, a detail view showing the rear of the pajama, the jacket being omitted.

The jacket or coat 1 may be of any usual or preferred form and construction. The trousers or pants 2 are of any usual or preferred construction and provided with the usual front opening or fly 3 and with any desired seat opening. The seat opening shown is covere by a flap 4 secured-by a button and biittondiole 5.

closed, but it may be open and join the fly 3 to the seat opening. A permanently closed crotch is preferable, but is not essential. I may use a semi-drop seat or a full-drop seat for the trousers.

My invention consists of an elastic knitted band or belt 7 interposed between the jacket 1 and the trousers 2 and stitched,

gives the com- I having a given: c hest measurement, thus efi'ecting a large lhe crotch 6 is or seamed to the inside of the jacket and preferably to the extreme upper edge of the trousers, but, Whether connected to the extreme upper edge of the trousers, or below said upper edge, the knitted elastic fabric band or belt 7 constitutes the sole connecting means between the trousers 2 and the jacket or coat 1 and the elasticity of the belt or band 7 is such that it will stretch in an up and down direction and relieve any tension in the crotch 6, whether the latter be a closedcrotch only, or, what is commonly known as a permanently closed crotch. Consequently, all movements of the wearer are accommodated, whether he be standing or seated and whether or not his trunk length is exactly that corresponding to the garment havinga given chest measurement. y invention. 1s not to be confused with straps or rubber or rubber fabric connections between the trousers and coat of an outer combination garment as it resides in the'use ofa knitted fabric elastic band possessing elasticity by virtue of its knitted structure.

The tail or skirt 8 of the jacket 1 overhangs, ,in a free manner, the seat portion of the trousers and normally covers the same,

giving the pajama a neat and dressy appearance. The elastic band 7 is sewed or seamed to the jacket around the interior thereof at 9 and to the trousers at 10 for the complete circumference thereof except that the band is disconnected and open at its front 11. A button and buttonhole 12 may be provided on the free ends of the band for connecting said ends.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is i one-piece pajama comprising a jacket, trousers having a seat opening and a flap normally-closing said seat opening, and a continuous band or belt of knitted elastic fabric constituting the sole connection between the trousers and the jacket, said belt or band having its upper edge directly stitched to the, interior of the jacket well above the lower edge thereof around the major portion of the interior of said jacket and directly stitched to the up er portion of, and extending entirely around the trousers and being open or disconnected at the front of the trousers.


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