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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS34647 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum11. März 1862
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 34647 A, US 34647A, US-A-34647, US34647 A, US34647A
ErfinderElisha Bobbins
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Picker-motion eoe looms
US 34647 A
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Specicationfof Letters Patent No. 34,647', dated March .1 1, 1862.

5, a rear end view of the rocker to be hereinafter described. Fig. 6, is a top view, and Fig. 7, a side view of the radius` arm, while Fig. 8, is a top view of the support piece or rail of the rocker. Fig. 9, is a transverse section of the rail, rocker and picker staff,

the said section being taken through the hook and stop of the spring which is arranged underneath the said rail or support piece.

In the drawings, A denotes the picker staff and B, the sword ofthe lay of a loom. The said staff, at its foot is fastened to a rocker, C, which rests on a rail or support piece, D, that extends from the sword B, as shown in the drawings. I combine with the said rocker and its support piece, a radius arm, E, which I arrange within the two or in a recess made in either or both. of them. The inner end of the said arm is jointed to or pivoted in the support piece while the outer end of the said arm is similarly connected with the rocker at or near its heel. I prefer to construct the arm with rounded projections, a, b, at its opposite ends to enter respectively two oil cups, c, el, arranged one, in the support piece and the other in the rocker as shown in the drawings. Furthermore, I construct the rocker with two projections or guides, g, g, to extend downward from its middle, and embrace or straddle the arm and enter or pass into the opening, h, made through the support piece, I). The outer sides of these guides rest against the sides of the said opening. rIhe object of these guides is not only to preserve the radius arm in place, but to prevent the rocker arm from being thrown laterally off its supporting rail while the picker motion may be in operation. At the heel of the rocker, there is a horn or heel guide or stop, z', formed and arranged as shown in the drawings. This guide or stop enters an opening, 7c, of the support piece and serves as a back stop toi F, having the form shown in the drawingsV` is arranged its upper arm, Z, at its outer end being fastened to the support piece. outer end ofthe lower arm, m, of the said spring is jointed to a hook or link, n, which extends downward from the radius arm and carries a washer or stop, 0, which by being raised against the arm, Z, of the spring during the forward throw of the picker staif serves to arrest the said movement without a sudden concussion or blow. The spring is thus made to answer two purposes viz, that of retracting the picker staff, and that of easing the sto page of it, at the termination of its forwar movement.

The object of the radius arm arranged and combined with the picker staff, rocker, and its supporting piece` or rail is not only to produce therewith a compound motion of the staff, parallel to its operation with respect to the shuttle, but to steady the movement of the rocker, and prevent the great wear which takes place, when a curved arm is used to project downward from the middle of the rocker and through the support piece and operate as a stop to arrest the motions of the picker staff, such a curved arm being explained and exhibited in the United States Patent No. 24668, and let-A tered G.

The oil cups arranged in the rocker and its support piece as described, serve to hold oil for the lubrication of the joints or bearing surfaces of the radius arm. The arrangement of the radius arm is such that it is completely covered by the rocker or so works within it and the supporting rail as to be protected by both from dust or waste threads or yarns.

I do not claim the rocker and its support piece, applied to, or combined with the picker staff. Nor do I claim arranging the rocker and support piece so that they shall be within the link or radius arm and the ears or guides, such being as shown in the patent of N. S. Bran, dated January 22, 1861. j

I claiml. My improved arrangement of the radius arm, E, its spring, F, and the guides,


g, g, viz, Within the support piece, D, and tion `of the oil cups with the rocker the supthe rocker, C, whereby they are covered and port piece and the radius arm applied to the 10 protected from dust and accidental displace- `litter and the rocker.

ment or in'ur 5 2. Also, Jtheyzu'rangement of the heel guide ELISHA ROBBINS i? or back stop z', With the .'cockerl and the sup- Witnesses: port piece. -A W. Gr. LEV1,.

3. Also, the arrangement and eombina- F. P. HALE, Jr.

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