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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS88718 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum6. Apr. 1869
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 88718 A, US 88718A, US-A-88718, US88718 A, US88718A
ErfinderCombined Clock
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Charles kallmann
US 88718 A
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@anni i @tf-tire.


' Leners Pam No. Sawadee@ Ami c, 1869.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and makinglpart of the same To all whom it may concern.'

Be it known that I, CHARLES KALLMANN, of Newburg, in the county of Orange, and State of New York,

Vhave invented a new Combination of a Glock and a Fly- Trap; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the annexed drawings, andto the'letters of ref- The power required Yto revolve a small cylinder, D, which is covered with cloth, which is saturated with a solution of sugar or molasses in Water, to invite flies and mosquitoes towsit down on the drum, is so very lsmall that, if it is attached to a clock, its efect would hardly be felt by the spring of the clock, or a new spring, the least stronger, would keep the cylinder also in motion, without retarding the motion of the clock.

The clock-work .is easily so arranged to allow one shaft to be extended, or another shaft to be attached, to which the shaft of the drum of the fly-trap is to be coupled.

The bearings which carrythe cylinder are carefully put in line, and fastened to the sides of the box, which encloses the whole apparatus.

In this way, the fly-trap will be in operation as long as the clock is running, and can easily be attached to a clock running one day oreight days, or more, and requires, for this reason, less attention than any other illy-trap which has to be woundup every few hours. The case, enclosing the Whole apparatus, is so constructed that the top, O, and oneside, Q, and a part of the back, O', can be removed in one piece, exposing, after removal, the cylinder D of the y-trap, partially for the admittance of dies, &c.

Another separate case, O, fastened to the front-piece A, encloses the clock-work, and protects it against injury from outside, when the y-trap is in operation.

A small shaft, E, of the clock, or one expressly attached for this purpose, extends through the back of this case, and is coupled to the drum-shaft, which rests at the other end in the bearing E, and receives-its motion from the spring which is driving the clock.

G is the dark chamber, into which the Vflies are brought, when sitting down on thedrum D.

About iu a horizontal linel with the drum-shaft, a small rod, l?, is stretched across the chamber, close to the face of the drum, so that dies cannot pass.

The rod will force them oli', and the flies will escape out the dark room through a hole, I, cut in the topboard H, of the room G, and through the small holes n n n, through vhich light is falli-ng from above.

Over thev hole I is placed a box, K, the bottom,'M, of which contains a number of small holes, n n, large enough to allow iiies or mosquitoes to pass through into the box K, which is covered by a pane of glass, L, to admit light, through the holes n n and I, into the room Gr, and to close the box K, in which the ies, 35o., are then captured.

The box K can be removed and emptied as often as convenient.

In times when the y-trap is not used, the part of the outside case which covers the apparatus is easily put back in its place, and firmly secured by ahook and eye-bolt, S s, to the front-piece A.

The whole apparatus has then only the appearance of a clock, but it keeps the drum of the trap constantly revolving, as regular as the clock itself is going, and,

by practical trials, it is confirmed .that it has no influence on the regular motion of the clock.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Pat-ent, is

The combination of the clock and the ily-trap, driven by the same moving-power, spring or weight, andi bythe same gearing, substantially, and the whole arranged as specified. y



CHARLES ST. J. VAIL, M. H. Hmscunne.

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